Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Long Should I Keep A Wedgie HELP! I'm Only 18.. And I'm So Scared.. And I'm So Confused!! Please Help Me!?

HELP! i'm only 18.. and i'm so scared.. and i'm so confused!! please help me!? - how long should i keep a wedgie


I am a girl, only 18 ... Please try to understand that rlly be a good person, and I'm sorry, and I always thought I should save sex for marriage, but do not know .. how it was that was so fast ... Please do not judge me, I'm so bad it is ... : (

Yesterday I was with a man ... dry, as we .... Bump rlly long ....
I was wearing underwear made of cotton. That is all. (This means that 1 layer of clothing was.)
I was only boxer ...

It has 2 layers of clothing between me and this man, while dry hump. His penis was erect and pressing against my vaginal area, and both agree that I felt that even in the interior, although our clothes still on ..

During theMeeting and after leaving, I realized that my step was damp at all. Probably because of precum, but could my vaginal secretions.

My question is, without a condom, 2 layers of clothing between us, the pregnancy could be a possibility?

Can you explain the procedure in this case? Clothing to stop the sperm? When the liquid was moist and not dry clothes, because we believe that keeping sex in the head (to underwear between us, even if it is entered, it is essential to wedgie) is not obtained by the seed?


  1. I doubt that the sperm can survive through two layers of clothing, but there are still only a very small probability.

  2. Hmm ... I would say it is a survival rate of very low sperm count. Sperm can survive in very hot, and I can not imagine this will be done through the layers of clothing, but certainly are little guys. There is a remote possibility, so I recommend you take a pregnancy test just to make sure.

  3. Once the sperm dies seconeds air, is always difficult for a woman is pregnant, if you go out on a man directly in. Tip why people should try to become pregnant. Pregnancy is not an easy thing to do, I am confident that you will