Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunfish Sailboat Guide Sunfish Sailboat Was Given To Me. Do I Need A Title Or Does It Have To Be Registered In Tennessee Before I Use

Sunfish sailboat was given to me. do i need a title or does it have to be registered in tennessee before i use - sunfish sailboat guide

I think it is an older model, maybe 1974 or so, a small man ship.


  1. Non-motorized boats should be Registerd in most states. When was produced by 1973, a VIN number on a hull can stern.It on the nameplate on the back of cockpit.It probably have no title. It has a candle, a lateen sail.

  2. I think its fine if you were not a sponsor or if you are in a lake.But Privitera check with the Office of Tennessee revunue check safely.

  3. I have two of them go on a catamaran in 1981 that gave me a friend. In Louisiana, I was required to be registered in the State Wild Life and Fisheries Department. The signs and stickers that run after a few years for me to send money for the state anymore. I think the system is the theft of boats and other reduced.
    You can think of the laws of your state.
    Happy Sailing