Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is Bangs Haram Is 'Romance' Prohibited In Islam Between Young Men And Women ?

Is 'Romance' prohibited in Islam between young men and women ? - is bangs haram

Can we love God and man / woman or not feasible, because you love God?

If a girl or a boy longs to be with the other party so that it will impact on their daily lives - it is haram in mind?

I think it's a one way street with Romance / Flirting in Islam - I would just express my opinion - I think women are not allowed to know their femininity flirt Express and one other man to him and then marry him. This is the explosion in order and only Muslim men are taking freely in this area. They face no consequences for their actions - but a young Muslim woman, or stoned to death and divorce, and even dared honest murdered by their relatives beaten.

It's 'Romance' banned IslI am young, men and women?

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  1. No, not if you so much that sex before marriage, then it is prohibited in Islam. Islam demands that all communities and societies to marry, and considers sex in marriage as a blessing. where is rock or against a woman just pathetic and not their job, it is God who judges someone else's rights. Islam says that man must respect all women and treat them well. his world, his dirty! Of course, people will call themsleves this and that, but they really are? which is exactly what they say they are true Muslims Arent like what they want to say above.