Friday, December 11, 2009

Installing A Cd Player On A Boat My New CD Player In My Boat Keeps Cutting Off.?

My new CD player in my boat keeps cutting off.? - installing a cd player on a boat

Only recently a new CD and 4 new speakers in my boat. My boat originally had only two speakers, but I cut a few holes and made new cables. Now its logged off and then, almost like a car from his. All the speakers to work, so that the wiring is correct, which is intended only for himself without giving reasons. Suggestions?


  1. jtex cat38skip and are on the right track.

    First, that the speakers are all the same cable. (positive output of the amplifier to the positive input of the speakers) This is the speakers are out of phase. Make sure to measure the speaker cables. Largest cable offers less
    line loss.

    I'm going out on a limb and say that if the volume is low (25% of total) without any problems. But if you look at it, the problem surfaces.

    Let us assume that the speaker of the original industry standard of 4 ohms. Like them, showing an impedance to the amplifier 2 ohms / channel. (Total resistance in a parallel circuit is smaller than a single resistance: RTotal = 1 / (1/R1 + 1/R2 ...)

    Your player is protected against thermal runaway. (Generated Under the current resistance greater, creating more heat, which further reduces resistance and creates a broader trend, and so on ... to the amplifier goes up in smoke.)
    If the amplifier sufficiently cooled, the thermal unitagain to protect and shops again.

    If the speaker cable series, this will more impedance for your amp (4 Ohm + 4 Ohm = 8 Ohm). What happens here is the noise could be affected 3dB be important, maybe not.

    Another way to avoid this problem would be to put his hands on a digital voltmeter capable of low impedance POWER and see what the impedance of each speaker. It may be that one of the impedance is much lower than the others.

    The ohm low capacity of power that is required is that most digital voltmeter, a 9-volt battery for power have. (9 volts across the 4 ohm speakers delivers a current of 2.25 amperes, which may be sufficient for the small fish)

    There are many for consumers upload up to 2 ohms ampifiers, I fear.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Most modern electronic devices with microprocessor circuitry to protect sensitive components are over / under voltage.

    most likely could get spikes that occur whenever that an inductive load (motor fan, motor starters, power trim) from. Or maybe a bilge pump with float switch. Or if you have a proof for the luxury car from the pump to change every few minutes to see if water is pumped.

    Or a voltage drop switches to another device.

    Moreover, we should analyze your alternator performance in terms of the number of units and a total of AMP's move, whether you need to upgrade your voltage regulator or other component.

    A large deepcycle marine battery in the circuit, which probably help to smooth out the voltage drops and voltage spikes.

    If you have installed a CD drive, you have to take over and a unit of marine quality.
    Edit: No, I nailed catskipSwer, why not revive again. [Note to self: time to read up to the next question]

  3. Jtex has some excellent points .... All you add is: If the player works very well with 2 speakers and added 2 more, this can cause an overload of the amplifier and leads them to cut. Make sure that the speaker impedance is correct for the player wired correctly. We will for a few minutes if the amplifier is overloaded to play, overheating, or turned off until it is reset, repeat the same cycle.

  4. The risk of extinction or simply dive because of hard knocks? Not all CD drives are suitable for boats, because, as the anti-skip circuitry is is.If loss were not enough, please stop playing.

  5. The problem here is not the most likely failure of the Take It Back