Sunday, January 3, 2010

Early Lease Termination Early Lease Termination Cost?

Early lease termination cost? - early lease termination

I try to make an early termination of my lease from Nissan, I have about 30 months left and asked me how much you would pay for itself out of the lease. If someone has experience with this, please let me know.

In addition, I am going to a lease or some kind of swap thing, but I found liable lease trader nor for payments if the person that sells is not to make the payments. I will not be responsible for someone else.


  1. If you have decided to keep the car (payment), which is usually not a punishment.
    Some leasing fee quit rate of 3 months.
    If you want to share, usually by waiving fees for early termination.
    BUT !!!!!! If you pay back the car to the lease in the end still a problem. If your car has exceeded the mileage. is calculated for each mile. And if the condition of the car does not match the value. If the tires are bald, so you calculate the difference.
    NO SWAP if the credit-lease. is not involved, you are responsible. Co-location and share a lien on all leased vehicles. So, private transactions, distribution, etc., can not be performed. Leases can be transferred, but the cooperation of the lease, he treats it as a new tenant, and should qualify.
    This last question is whether the payments on the rent due the purchase, cars, etc. than the value if you want to terminate the contract, you have the difference.
    The leases are great, but in hell.

  2. No reason to speculate, call Nissan and get an exact amount to terminate the lease. Wild guess, 20 payments.
    You can try to modify a lease or a merchant, but you must provide a financial incentive. Read your contract to determine whether a person can assume your lease. Transfer of ownership in general with the approval of new tenant, or a rate of transfer. Normally you would Relased contract.