Friday, January 29, 2010

Miniskirts And Hi Heels With Old Man Need Help Identifying A Song By The Music Video. Video Had Many Identical White Girls Dancing In Miniskirts?

Need help identifying a song by the music video. Video had many identical white girls dancing in miniskirts? - miniskirts and hi heels with old man

It will be very difficult if you've seen this video. It was a music video for a song (I do not know the type!) With lots of pretty girls dancing in mini skirts, white light green short. They wore hats, and he was a child, but the effects of the camera was like tons and tons of the same girl. The camera zooms in on her ass and order several times. I really want to find this song again and makes me mad.


  1. It could be, "Alex Gaudino Destination Calabria" by Crystal Waters. ...

  2. Robert Palmer's "I Did To Turn You On" and "Simply Irresistible" are "Mean what you are looking for, but it's" Addicted to Love "as well.