Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goerge Washington Rapist Who Was Goerge Washington Of The French And Indian War?

Who Was Goerge Washington Of The French And Indian War? - goerge washington rapist

This was our first president? My teacher said, no, my mother says yes ...


  1. During the French and Indian War, George Washington was a land owner in Virginia, which may have served in the British Army. Not sure. It is not President until 25 years after the end of the war FI. In this war was the reason for the American War of Independence. The British had lost a lot of money and began taxing colomist large to offset the losses.

  2. I have to I like what I say, "said Polly, but these two are one and the same. In fact, while George Washington started the French and Indian War, to the west, and reclamation of the land that I think it has been declared France. Built in each case, a pile of sticks, they need strong (difficult, it is regrettable) in this country. After consultation with the French troops stationed between two large stones were placed there his men on each side, and went to the slaughter of the French. Of course, escape, some, and told the French general Louis-Joseph de Montcalm. Montcalm Brough French power giant and kindly allowed Washington to withdraw before the war. Anyway, the good part of this story is that you learn how people can learn to make some silly mistakes and is of great men and women, with wonderful performances.

  3. George Washington was a Lieutenant General Coloniel and the Virginia militia during the French and Indian War promoted, also known as the Seven Years' War, 1754-1763 known.

    It was 10 years before the American Revolution and 27 years before he became president.

  4. It's not his fault if the teachers are wrong in this case. It is a product of the liberal left, the history of the revisionist movement in the destruction of the heritage of the United States. Either they do not explain the situation correctly.

  5. It was the first president, but the French and Indian War take place before the United States was a nation. There was a general during the war, but not the general responsible.

  6. LOL. Yes, it was the first president.

    If I am your mother, I want the teacher fired for gross incompetence.
    In fact, it's terrible.