Friday, January 22, 2010

Facial Eczema More Condition_symptoms What Is The Best Cure For Facial Eczema?

What is the best cure for facial eczema? - facial eczema more condition_symptoms

Please only serious answers! If you tried everything you said, to break your skin without looking, I would know and love!


  1. My doctor prescribed an ointment 0.5 Topicort

  2. My doctor prescribed an ointment 0.5 Topicort

  3. Hello Amy

    Here is a herbal remedy that works.

    1. They take 1-3 droppersful Echinacea Plus Tincture (at or another qualified site) to strengthen the immune system.

    2. Rub the garlic and oil in the affected area (Garlic will kill anything if you use enough of it)

    3. Give 1-3 glasses of slurry of coal per day (to absorb toxins from the blood)

    4. Mix equal parts of Aloe Vera Gel, Slippery Elm powder and PAC together (absorbs the toxins externally)

    5. Apply a thin layer of this mixture on the affected area (s).

    6. Put this treatment until desired results are achieved.

    This healing is at its highest point.

    Eczema is often called dermatitis, and can be a symptom of a lack of omega-3 fatty acids. Eczema can be caused by allergies, allergies secondary digestive disorders, such as hydrochloric acid deficiency, rashes secondary immune diseases, genetic metabolic disorders and / or malnutrition, especiallyNiacin (vitamin B3) and B6, as well as other B vitamins

    To minimize the risk of developing eczema, avoid irritating substances, shall not irritating natural materials, the use of soft creams and see if need to diet, nutrition, and / or allergens and factors to be considered.

    Other ideas that will help you:

    Juice Therapy: The following juice combinations can help speed healing: black and red grapes, carrots, beets, spinach, cucumber, parsley and the juice of wheat grass.

    Dietary Supplements: Vitamin A and GLA (gamma linolenic acid), omega-6 essential fatty acid that is abundant in evening primrose oil has been shown to improve symptoms of eczema too. Supplements of vitamin E useful for preventing and reversing eczema include vitamin B complex, vitamin B6, vitamin E, magnesium and zinc.

    Topical Treatment: Apply evening primrose oil directly to cracked and sore areas of skin. A paste of news and ginkgo extract, licorice root has also been shown to improve symptoms of eczema too.

    The best of health for you